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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  January 16, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> good morning everyone. i am patly ann brown. >> it is wednesday january 16th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> it is time now for your 5@5:00. the top five stories making news at this hour. madness and chaos during morning rush hour in london. a helicopter crashing after hitting a crane on top of an apartment building. burning debris lining the street. after the chopper plunged to the ground. two people are confirmed dead. two others have been taken to the hospital. a witness describes the terrifying skeevenlt we just
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heard an explosion. we thought it was a terrorist attack. we went straight out on to the main road. huge piles of smoke. there were guys running and shouting a plane flu into the crane here. >> the crane is extremely unstable now and people are urged to stay away from the area. >> $51 billion of relief. all but one democrat voted for the bill. many republicans voted against it because the bill was filled with pork. >> a tragedy like hurricane sandy shouldn't be used as an excuse of a grab bag of spending having nothing to do with emergency relief. >> the bill now heads to the senate. >> overnight japan's two biggest airlines grounding all of the boeing dreamliners for safety checks. this after another one was
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forced to make an emergency landing. battery problems and a burning smell in the cockpit for the new jet following the battery fire. cyclist lance armstrong has a long way to go on his quest for forgiveness. that is the message from the world anti doping agency. he must confess under oath to doping if he wants his lifetime cycling ban reduced. the new york post also reports federal authorities may reopen their probe of armstrong for alleged drug trafficking and fraud. it may take three months to install the fire. once it is complete the world trade center will stand 1776 fight symbolic of america's freedom. it will be the tallest in the
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western hemisphere. that's your 5@5:00. even more concerns this morning about the right to bear arms. democratic new york governor andrew cuomo signing a sweeping set of new gun regulations. they include banning the state's ban on bullets. we are hours away from president obama announcing his plans to curb gun violence. growing concern he may use executive orders to restrict access. peter doocy live on what's happening today. >> democratic aids are telling us later ob today when president obama speaks to the nation about gun control he will ask congress to make universal background checks the law of the land for any one in any state who wants to buy a gun. he also wants a renewal of assault weapons ban and ammunition magazines that carry
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more than 10 rounds. >> this is something you have to address as a nation not something you can do alone through executive action not something you can do with even a series of laws that congress might pass. this is a problem that touches on a variety of areas of american land and it needs to be approached broadly. >> the president says this week there are certain changes he can make to the laws that govern guns and ammo with executive orders. but this weekend republican senator lindsay graham says an executive order like that would have bipartisan opposition in the congress. one of the gop officers in the senate explained why. >> he said a day or two ago he didn't think the senate would be voting on the gun legislation. that doesn't mean the president has the right to go beyond the
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constitution. >> this morning's announcement who wrote letters about concerns. it was 33 days ago. >> peter doocy reporting for us live this morning. >> this gun debate is a big talker this morning as well. last night on "hannity" things got very heated during a debate over the new york state gun law that just passed yesterday. >> hannity going head to head about democratic state senator over the state's new regulation. >> you tell me how this law makes it safer for a stay at home mom or maybe a woman who lives at home after a divorce because of a restraining order how does that make them safer? >> it makes it harder with the person with the restraining order against them to do damage to this woman.
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makes it safer for her children to go to school. >> you live in new york. you have got to be on drugs, with all due respect. >> no, i am not actually. no need for to you say that. >> with all due respect, if you are thinking that the criminals are going to obey the laws. you are not thinking straight. i am talking about law abiding citizens. >> you are not listening. i am not the one on drugs. we are going to make it as difficult as possible for those criminals to exert the maximum amount of pain and death possible. if someone walks into a school they won't be able to shoot rapidly at our children. >> next time they are going to wrap 8 guns pistols with 10 shots each and you are going to come back and say we took a first step but now we are going to ban pistols. >> the other man you saw in the clip was republican state sen dorr greg ball. his state is making it as difficult as possible to protect
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your family. >> now the ongoing debate on capitol hill over the debt ceiling. charles krauthammer is taking on the on thepresident's approach. the president isn't interested in fixing the problem but instead breaking the gop. >> the entire strategy for the fiscal cliff was to split the republica republicans. it hading in to do, his offers had nothing do with solving the fiscal he shall ue or solving the debt. he showed no interest in reducing the debt since the day he was elected in 2008. he appoints a commission two years later he ignore it is. he never talked about structural cuts or entitlements. he wants the entitlement states if you want a european entitlement state you need
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taxation. his strategy is to split, fracture and therefore neuter the republicans in the house. that is all that stands between him and total dominance in washington in his second term. he wants a return to 2009 and 2010 when he had control of both houses he had a super majority in the senate huge majority in the house and revolutionized healthcare and hugest spending in galactic history. that's what he wants. >> the president has previously stated he will not negotiate over raising the debt ceiling. >> some extreme weather making for a messy commute in several parts of the country this morning. in the northeast it's snow in the south a state of emergency declared in tennessee after an ice storm hit a large part of that of that state. >> in alabama the ice was half an inch thick causing dozens of accidents bringing down dres and
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power lines as well. let's go to maria molina whith what's going on today. >> we are looking at more ice accumulating across places like tennessee and kentucky and portions of mississippi and even places in the northeast dealing with some of the snow and also the freezing rain. we have freezing rain across the east. a quarter of an inch in the suburbs west of the city. we could have glaze on the roadways. snow over parts of new england. higher snowfall accumulations 3-5 inches of snow forecast. not a huge deal in terms of the snow. please be careful on the roads. lacking at freezing rain across area wesle and portions of kentucky. we have areas of plain rain across alabama and georgia. take a look at jackson that area to the north of you we have the freezing rain in jackson.
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temperatures holding up to show the rain refreeze. we have warnings in effect through tennessee and mississippi and northeastern portions of louisiana. talking about anywhere from 3-5 inches of snow forecast up state new york and southern new england into the state of maine. less than two-thirds of the country very chilly. 29 in dallas otherwise in florida on the warm side. 67 in tampa. it is time now for stories you can bank on this morning. a strong warning for lawmakers from one of the major credit rating agencies. lauren simonetti joins us from fox business network. >> good morning. sounding the alarm their message crystal clear. they must raise the debt ceiling or see our perfect credit rating downgraded and send global markets into a tail spin. even if the debt limit is
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averted we raise the 15 plus trillion dollar borrowing limit the u.s. is likely to be downgraded if the plan is going down. >> ss&p is already downgraded. wal-mart looking to increase the made in the usa. >> what a great patriotic story. not only is the largest retarryl hiring 1,000 veterans over the next five years it is buying $50 million goods in the usa over the next decade. two-thirds are made here. the move is intended for stock in the u.s. >> facebook new search tool? >> unveiling a feature called grass search. weird name. users will be able to use the internal search engine to find specific information about their friends. who lives in orlando and also saw the movie zero dark thirty.
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can facebook make money for that? it entices users to spend more time on our site and gives them more time to show ads to you if you are on the site longer. with the search facebook is competing with google, right? is a competitor, yelp, linkedin you name it. it is out there at this point. they got the i ball see if they can see ad dollars. >> dating, networking moving into other territory. 12 minutes after the hour. she was found safe and sound after being kidnapped right from her classroom. parents are demanding answers from the school. >> a controversial letter didn't brag about the applicant's accomplishments or top schooling what exactly did this cover letter say that made it go viral. this happy couple used capital one venture miles
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>> quick headlines a shooting left a man and woman dead. another teenaged girl is wounded. they say he came to the police station on his own. today's classes have been canceled. the safety warning for parents. more than 50,000 strollers made by bug a boo international are made in the u.s. and canada because the handle could detach. it effects the camillian stroller sold between 2009 to 2012. january 2011th to december 2012th also for the donkey stroller. >> he is nshe is now home safe. police are still searching for the suspect who nached this 5-year-old from school. we are hearing from the good samaritan who found the little girl all alone and freezing on the playground. ainsley earhardt joins us now with details this morning. >> it was hardly a normal
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morning for nelson mandela meyers. meyers was headed out to work going to catch his train when he said he heard tiny screams of a little girl coming from the other side of a fence on the playground. >> i was walking her voice sounded like a cat that would meow. it stuck to me so when i got closer to it it sounded so clear to me as help, help. >> when i seen her she only had a t-shirt on and it was wet. she had nothing else on. she was barefooted cold and shivering. the first thing that came to my mind is this is a crazy moment right now to see this child out here at this time of night. >> that little girl she was abducted from philadelphia's brian elementary school. surveillance video shows her leaving with this woman. police say the woman did not show an id but she did identify herself as tiffany. she told the girl's teacher she was taking her to breakfast and she walked out of the school.
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it is blaefed the little girl was blindfolded and take tone the house where she was kept under a bed and given some food. cops say her abduct ter eventually dropped her off at the playground. when she was found she told her rescuer, quote, i have been stolen. >> it is a joy she was found safe. we was fraying for her to come back safe for someone to release her. i am grateful for that. >> he's in the process of investigating how that kidnapping was allowed to happen. >> the good samaritan will receive the 10,000 dollar reward for finding the little girl. >> thank you very much ainsley. >> it's time now to brew on this. here's what we would like to you brew on today. wall street bosses are hailing it as quote the best cover letter ever but not the way this candidate's experienced. he's brougutally honest for his lack of experience.
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it worked for this ambitious finance student. let's take a look at the cover letter. he writes i won't waste your time inflating my credentials. >> there is no word if he landed any interviews yet, we want to know would you hire them in you can tweet them to us at 19 after the top of the hour. coming up next a hunter clinging to life after falling through ice. he was in the ice for over 30 minutes. the incredible ending up next. >> who is the world's most eligible bachelor? we will give you a hint. it's not george clooney.
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>> welcome back. the time now is 23 after the top of the hour. here are quick headlines for you. a brand new report revealing the white house ordered a delay in the arrest of illegal immigrants who interned for new jersey democratic senator robert mendez. federal immigration agents were told to hold off until after mendez was re-elected. the widow of one of the aurora movie massacre victims is shooting the psychiatrist of james holmes.
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linden ton should have had holmes in temporary custody after he told her about her fantasies to kill a large group of people last june. denton told police but did nothing more. he was one of 12 people killed in the why you will shooting. the tragedy at sandy hook elementary school has four school officials reexamining their security. we a we learned a school district in pennsylvania was looking into that before the shooting. carl cameron is live in butler, pennsylvania with those details. >> good morning. there are 500 school districts and in about 100 of them or already have been or are implementing plans for armed guards or security officers. in butler they approved the security breech before the
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shooting a month ago. because of this they accelerated it. they have to go through a very aggressive certification on weapons capabilities. most support it. here is the mayor. >> the first reaction is to keep the kids at school safe. it's a sad reality that we need to think about that. we need to look at all of the things that come together and provide the sort of support we need to try to avoid this as much as we can. >> lots of school districts around the country are considering whether to add armed security. some are concerned adding w weapons only increase the risk. >> until i know there is something metal detectors can't take care of i am not ready to put guns in our schools. >> there are 100,000 school districts across the country and more than 10,000 of them have had or are implementing plans for armed security guards or police officers.
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over the course of the last few weeks none other than california senator barbara boxer a liberal democrat and renowned gun control advocate suggest schools didn't want to bring this type of security to their classrooms environment might be benefited by federal financing. they are talking 50 million even more that could be tossed into legislation to actually federally fund protecting kids with armed guards in schools. >> carl cameron, thank you. the time right now 26 after the hour. coming up a landowner takes his case all of the way to the supreme court after the government forces him to sabotage his own property as protective wetlands and then makes him foot the bill. >> image going in for surgery and coming out with the wrong knee replaced. it happens a lot more than you might think. doctors are turning to pilots to help. we will explain.
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>> it is 30 minutes after the hour. >> it is if i am for the top 5@5:30. >> hagel flip flopping ahead of
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his confirm may go hearing. he was gensz un l against unilal sanctions in iran. chuck schumer says hagel now believes we must do whatever it takes to stop iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. in the past hagel refused to call hezbollah as a terrorist group but now does. hagel now regrets saying the comment. >> diane franklin wants a one-percent sales tax on games mature, adults only. now a story about shakedown and extortions. >> you really should have some around the clock security. isn't that what the police are for? >> they do their best but they have their hands full. >> your weekly dues to us will give you all of the supplemental
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safety net you need. >> this has nothing to do with the sopranos. he bought this piece of land in florida before it was designated as a wetland. he offered the government 111 of the 15 acres in exchange to develop the rest. the government tried forcing him to pay to enhance 50 acres of unrelated land. he passed away but his son is now leading the fight. the government says nothing has been taken. a supreme court decision expected in june. a hunter falls through the ice on the colorado river with his body half submerged in the frigid water he clung to an ice shell for nearly 30 minutes all the time while trying to wave his dog away from the danger. firefighters pulled him out of the water he will be treated for help thermia. the man and the dog are okay. >> man's best friend there. >> the world's most eligible bachelor is not this one it is
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instead prince harry. the royal crowned number one by town and country magazine. he is also a british army helicopter pilot. spent the past three months in afghanistan. he is due back any day ladies. that is your 5@5:30. >> many of us have seen the photos. >> in a few hours president obama will announce his plans to try to curb gun violence. he is considering close to 2 dozen executive orders to resist access. andrew cuomo signing a sweeping set of new gun regulation noose law including extending a ban on assault weapons and limiting the number of bullets in a magazine. peter doocy is live with more on the latest concerns on gun control. >> democratic aids are telling us lart on today while president obama speaks to the nation about gun control he will ask congress to make universal background checks the law of the land for
2:35 am
any one in any state who wants to buy a gun. he also wants a renewal of the assault weapons ban and a new ban on ammunition magazines that carry more than 10 rounds. >> this is something that we have to address as a nation. it's not something you can do alone through executive action, it's not something you can do with even a series of laws that congress might pass. this is a problem that touches on a variety of areas of american life, and it needs to be approached broadly. >> the president did say this week there are certain changes he can make to the laws that govern combuns and gsh gs-- gov guns and ammo. an executive order like that would have bipartisan opposition in the congress. last night one of the gop colleagues in the senate explained why. >> the senate majority leader said a day or two ago he didn't
2:36 am
think the senate would be voting on the gun legislation. that doesn't mean the president has the right to buy executive order decide he can go beyond the constitution. >> this morning's announcement the president and vice president will be joined on stage at the eisenhower next to the white house. children across america who wrote letters to the white house about their concerns regarding gun violence after the mass murderer at sandy hook connecticut which was 33 days ago. >> peter doocy, thank you. frightening new study finds mistakes are made during surgery at least 4,000 times each year this happens. everything from the wrong leg being operated on to surgical tools being leften side patients. now doctors are turning to pilots for help in avoiding the errors hopefully. jonathan surrey explains. >> good morning heather and patti ann.
2:37 am
you may notice a pilot walking around the plane before you take off. that's the beginning of elaborate checklist to make sure all of the equipment is properly using. they have a flight plan to reduce the risks associated with flying. doctors are finding they can reduce errors in the surgery ward by employing similar simple yet highly effective measures. watch>> pit crews use them and pilots use them and now they are using checklists. >> decreased mortality, decreased complications tore our patients. that's the most important thing. >> dr. john sweeney has checklists before during add after surgery at emery hospital making sure the team performs the correct procedure on the right patient and counting each item used in the surgery. >> the role of the checklist is to help take care of the simple things so the healthcare team can really focus on the areas
2:38 am
that need improvisation. >> checklists also empower junior hospital staff to speak up when they notice something out of the ordinary. this team approach something former fighter pilot teaches clients at the firm after burner. >> it is admitting i can make a mistake and there are people around me if i empower them the right way they can avoid that mistake. >> you will find checklists for every type of scenario a pilot will face. what is a fighter pilot bible is mow winning converts within the medical community. heather and patti ann. >> jonathan ser rishg e reporti -- serrie reporting for us. thank you, jonathan. >> let's get a weather update
2:39 am
from maria molina. >> what's happening today? >> good morning. good to see you. we have a big storm system impacting portions of the east areas of snow and areas of freezing rain. we were talking about the strange weather patterns cold air in the west. 71 degrees the high temperature in los angeles. across new york city high temperature 38 degrees. warm back out west and cold air across the northeast. pennsylvania up state new york and southern portions of new england. we are talking about 3-5 inches of snow possible. you are along the rain snow line. so you are looking at temperatures closing up at the surface the rain is refreezing when it hits the road ways you are looking at slippery roads. as we head northbound you see
2:40 am
ice accumulation as high as half an inch in tennessee across the south and mississippi. they have been dealing with the freezing rain and northern parts of the states are deal with it. rain pushing in from southern alabama and louisiana. storm system across the northeast we are looking at more messy weather. by thursday most areas should be drying out. you are going to notice temperatures continuing to plummet. it will get chilly in the northeast. >> 39 minutes after the top of the hour. still ahead people are lining up to sue lance armstrong. do they have a case? that's next. >> victoria secret model is going from the catalog to the courtroom. why she could owe millions of dollars. what are you doing?
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>> we begin with a fox news alert out of london. two people killed when a helicopter crashed into a crane on top of a 50 story apartment building. it happened during rush hour. police say at least 9 others were injured. in mali overnight they marched into northern territory occupied by islamist rebels. 800 to 2500 and continues to target rebels with air strike. after reports of lance armstrong coming clean to oprah about doping now those against armstrong are start to go roll in. this while the u.s. federal government has reportedly rejected a 5 million restitution offer from the disstrayed cyclist. arthur aidala is here with more.
2:45 am
thank you for joining us. >> thank you. good morning. >> a lot of people angry about the money they gave to lance armstrong. he never tested positive repeatedly denied this years and years comes on oprah reportedly and says maybe i did it. the reports are still out as to what he actually said. could he be held liable? >> everything he said in the interview is admissible and can be used against him especially in criminal case. if you make a confession that's what is called an exception to the hearsay rules. it is allowed to come in evidence. i assume he has good people around him. this 41-year-old international super star any one who is counseling him like myself would tie him down and put a sock in his mouth. why is he doing this? >> it could be death by ego.
2:46 am
it could be death by ego. to summarize it, he is okay with the federal government. there are no perjury charges. right now he's fighting these civil charges it's their word against her word. if he comes out on oprah makes a 51 percent confession he is in big trouble. >> he could be in trouble with the law. >> the u.s. postal service could sue him for 30 million in sponsorship. the promotions suing for 12 million after a tour win payment. u.s. anti doping agency they could sue to recoup legal fees the live strong the charity or donors could sue over the false pretenses. >> he wants do this so they can reduce the amount of time he is banned from cycling because he wants to compete in a triathlon? why at 43 years old he can lose
2:47 am
3 triathlons? it doesn't make sense. what downgrades them is to take this interview use it the best they can. maybe lance armstrong has hundreds of millions of dollars so he has to cut a check for 12 million a year 10 million there. if the defense decides to come down and crack down on him he is sitting in jail for 6 to 10 months or a year. he may be second-guessing his interview. >> awould t -- a lot of people to hear what he has to say. >> the time is 36 minutes -- 46 minutes after the top of the hour. we have been telling you about the reality show "all my baby's mamas." this morning there is a major development before they pull the plug on the show. >> have you ever seen a robber use a bucket in the sky? how do you see out of it?
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brian on "fox & friends" without a bucket on his head. >> probably not. not a dunst cap. in the middle of the night what they pass? will anything work? what about the president on his stand on new national gun laws. 19 executive orders why are so many kids there? why are they getting off from school to be part of the white house announcement. lance armstrong how we couhe cot in trouble with eric holder, dave ramsey steve holder all coming up on fox and friends. fo. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one.
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>> 10 minutes until the top of the hour. it is a catwalk cat fight.
2:52 am
a french model being sued by her long time modeling agency for more than $3 million after leaving to go to a rival. maryland model management says she signed an exclusive contract through 2014. the attorney says the former agency gave bad advice. and oxygen pulling the plug on the new reality show all my baby's mamas. >> to you guys he might be known as a rapper but here in atlanta he's known for 11 kids and 10 baby mamas. >> the decision comes after more than 37,000 people signed a petition against it calling the show offensive to mothers and innocent children. there's a lot of talk about how much violence there is in hollywood tv shows and movies. we asked the stars what impact they think it has on viewers. trace gallagher has more from los angeles. >> guns in movies have been a
2:53 am
staple since the beginning of cinema. >> you don't just kill a guy like that. >> i just did. >> with gun control and gun violence a hot button issue across the country in washington we talk to the stars of two new movies in which guns play a big role. a movie theater shooting scene was removed from gangster squad after the theater massacre. it doesn't cause real life violence. >> you are going to be begging for a bullet before it's over. >> in the history of film making you have the use of weapons and violence and the history of story telling. and i think that it is a shame in my opinion, my humble opinion when hollywood becomes a scapegoat. >> i think we are telling stories. i think that the weapons in this
2:54 am
movie are props. we have a story to tell. america is a violent country. we were founded on violence. >> arnold schwarzenegger returns to action in t"the last dance." the movie is full of high powered firearms. the film stars acknowledge it is a complicated issue. >> everyone talks about this because it's such a horrific trage tragedy. but it's important we separate movies which is pure entertainment and what is out there in reality. i think you are always looking at doing everything you can. >> i am not sure trying to figure out what people when they are looking at violence and different things i am not sure. it's a very delicate matter. it's not black-and-white. >> i never have fun playing with guns. i am not crazy about guns but it
2:55 am
is part of my job. >> with hyper violent movies like sly stallone's bullet to the head due out in the next few weeks they will continue to provide plenty of ammunition for debate. in hollywood trace gallagher fox news. 6 minutes until the top of the hour. next on the rundown do you ever worry your gps is directing you towards disaster? >> it can't mean that. there's a lake. >> it knows where it is going. >> there's a lake. >> stop yelling at me. stop yelling at me. >> one woman followed in michael scott's foot steps because her gps said so. a really long way, too. answer the question of the day told you about a blunt honest cover letter that has gone vi l viral. we wanted to know if you would hire this person.
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>> two minutes till the top. let's take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. this kid could be the next golf superstar. only 21 months old but he practices a couple of times a week at a p.g.a. super store in illinois. next the ugly, it is like a scene out of the office. >> it can't mean that. there's a light there. this is a light. this is a light! >> stop yelling at me! >> a woman from belgium didn't drive into a lake but she did drive 900 miles out of her way after she says she followed the directions from her g.p.s. it is not clear if she entered the wrong address or the device was


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